The Business

Beaches Road Photography was founded by Peter Young in 2019. Prior to that Peter was photographer and digital assets manager for AmerCare Royal and its various E-Commerce and sales divisions across North America.

In his early professional career, in addition to doing some commercial work,  Peter was an accomplished portrait and wedding photographer in Nova Scotia, having photographed weddings across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and even in Scotland and England. He started his first business – the aptly named Peter Young Photography – in 2007, and he has been continuously learning and improving his craft ever since.

Beaches Road comes from where Peter grew up – on Beeches Road in Pictou, NS. Now living on the Island, all roads lead to beaches! It seemed fitting.

The Photographer

Why am I a photographer?

I’ve been an artist all my life. Since I could hold a crayon I’ve been making stuff… drawings, paintings, sculptures, furniture, you name it.

I love the intricate subtleties that make for the perfect shot. As a product and portrait photographer, lighting, expression, and story are integral components. As a landscape photographer, composition, form, and simplicity are motivators. A question that is important to me in making a landscape photo is: “Could I look at this again and again and keep enjoying it, or will I get bored of it?” For me, the journey to getting a great landscape shot is as important as the created image itself. Sometimes as luck would have it I happen upon a beautiful scene while I have my camera. Often times, I purposefully go on an adventure to find something that makes me stop and go, “Hey, cool!”