Peter Young: Owner and Photographer

Hi! I’m Peter – a photographer based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

I’ve been photographing people and products professionally for over a dozen years now. I’m also not bad at alliteration. I am originally from Pictou, Nova Scotia, but have called Charlottetown home since February, 2017.

I started “really” taking pictures when I was 16. I’d had automatic film cameras and played with my brothers Polaroid a bit, and then my Dad gave me one of his Canon film camera bodies and a couple of lenses. I love making “stuff” and that includes pictures.

I’m the second youngest of six. In the right photo, we’re in order from youngest to oldest, L-R.

We all get along really well now (mostly) – but like any gaggle of siblings, we don’t always all agree on all things. And that’s okay.

One thing we do all agree on is our sense of humour. We all have Dad Jokitis bad.

As a photographer I have worked with people in all stages of their lives – from their engagement photos to the big day; their pregnancy to the newborn pictures; the toddler phase to the hockey and soccer age; group family shots to high school graduation and prom and then university. I have been privileged to meet amazing people and witness some momentous events in their lives.

To me photography isn’t just about taking pictures, it’s about creating compelling images that capture and evoke emotion; creating a record; provoking thought; making people happy. It’s about making life an adventure. It’s about climbing a tree in sandals to get the right angle. Photography makes me happy.

I love pushing my own boundaries and adventure, so I’ve tried to make it all interesting.

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