Why Get “Sportraits” with Beaches Road?

I will provide you with edgy, professionally lit photos of your team and athletes. My goal is to make them look like the pros they aspire to be!! I believe that each of your young athletes should be photographed like they will be in a national ad campaign for their favourite sports gear, or on the cover of a major sports magazine.

Using green screen technology and digital graphics, Beaches Road Photo will create an exciting and unique composite of your team and individual athletes.

It matters to me that your photos are something you love – that’s why I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you receive your products and aren’t happy – return them for a full refund! If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

How Does This Work?

I setup a unique experience with our parents and kids. When I work with teams, individual players work through the lineup to take their individual portraits. The actual team portrait is composited from each individual portrait. In other words, parents never have to worry about their child being there for the team group portrait. This gives parents more flexibility and allows the team portrait to look perfect since I create the image.

The individual portrait process gives your child the absolute best portrait. We take two portraits: a portrait for the team composite, and a pose chosen from a posing chart. Both are used for the team and individual products

Team & Athlete Portraits are for all sports & activities, including dance!

My goal is to give you the best photos and experience you can get. You and your team deserve it!

Parents Want Them

I know from being involved in sports over the years how important it is for some parents to get great photos of their kid(s) in their jerseys and gear. Here’s your chance to make your child look like a superstar!

Kids Love Them

How cool is it to have your picture on your very own personalized trading cards like your sports heroes? Or on a magazine cover?

Easy Process

When the team is booked, Beaches Road creates a Sign-up form for parents to fill out for their child. Planned a minimum of two weeks in advance, this gives parents a chance to fill out the forms and place their order. On picture day, parents are able to order using a paper order form or through the website. This gives them flexibility!

Everybody Wins

Beaches Road Photography guarantees your satisfaction. If you are unhappy you may return all physical products for a 100% refund. *Due to their nature, digital files will not be refunded.


I love to show up to all events 45 minutes early to give me adequate time to set up my equipment and be 100% by portrait time. Ask that we have access to gyms, fields, or changing rooms in this amount of time prior. If needed, I will bring my own flooring to allow our athletes to wear cleats, skates, or any type of footwear. It is a thick foam floor padding that gives traction and also protects floors. I require a 12’x12’ area with 10’ ceilings.

The Process

The process of photo day starts weeks before the day. I want to connect with organizations/teams and make sure everything is set for picture day. After teams are booked, athletes are signed up and orders are placed, the photo shoot will go smoothly. Once picture day is complete, we take the next two weeks to edit, process, order, and check all of our orders to ensure things are correct. We then deliver the product to the team manager for distribution to the team.


Prints & Photo Gifts

Along with four different print package options including team and individual portraits, parents can order prints and a variety of photo gifts – like memory mates, expertly designed trading cards, magazine covers, a trophy puck photo display, small and large luggage tags, aluminum travel mugs, aluminum water bottles, key chains, coasters, ceramic mugs.

Show them off!

3″ Button


Water Bottle

Double Sided

Dog Tag

Set of Eight

Trading Cards


Package A : $100

ALL STAR! Save $63

1 MagazineCover

1 8×10 Athlete Portrait

1 8×10 Memory Mate

4 5×7 Athlete Portrait (1 Pose)

16 Wallets

8 Trading Cards

1 3.5×5 Magnet

1 Key Chain

Package B : $60

MVP! Save $33

1 8×10 Athlete Portrait

1 8×10 Memory Mate

2 5×7 Athlete Portrait

8 Wallets

8 Trading Cards

1 3.5×5 Magnet


Package C : $40

THE PRO! Save $18

1 8×10 Memory Mate

1 8×10 Athlete Portrait (1 Pose)

8 Wallets

1 3.5×5 Magnet

Package D : $30


2 5×7 Team Photos

2 5×7 Athlete Portrait

1 3.5×5 Magnet


$20 8×10 Memory Mate (Athlete & Team)

$15 8×10 Team or Athlete

$15 5×7 (2 up) Team or Athlete

$15 4×5 (4 up) Athlete only

$15 5×7 + (2)4×5 Athlete

$15 5×7 + (4) Wallets

$15 Wallets (8 up) Athlete

$9 5×7 Team or Athlete


Athlete Portrait Only

$40 8×10 formatted 1 Pose

($20 with purchase of Package A or B)


$40 16×20 Poster (Athlete Pose)

$30 12×18 Poster (Athlete Pose)

$25 Magazine Cover

$20 8 Trading Cards

$34 16 Trading Cards

$26 Hockey Puck Photo Statuette

$30 Aluminum Travel Mug

$30 White Aluminum Water Bottle

$25 15 oz. Ceramic Mug

$20 11 oz. Ceramic Mug

$30 4 Beverage Coasters with Holder

$9 Single Beverage Coaster

$15 Large Luggage Tag

$12 Small Luggage Tag

$15 Double Sided Key Chain

$12 Dog Tag with Chain

$20 Fabric Mousepad

$30 Metal License Plate

$8 3″ Button

$8 3.5×5 Magnet

Additional Info:

Some products can be customized for an additional fee – i.e. A poster can be made into a magazine cover for an additional $10.

Advanced Retouching to remove blemishes and acne is available for a $10 fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Owe Money?

Ordering is optional, meaning if your child’s team is being photographed, you are not obligated to purchase. Orders must be placed and paid for within two days of the photoshoot to receive advance pricing. Orders placed after this time will be charged an additional $20.00 for processing and shipping.

How long does it take to photograph each player?

I try and give each player 3-5 minutes to be able to grab their absolute best portraits. For example, if we are photographing a team of 15-17 players, it generally takes 60-75 minutes total. 

How long does it take to get our products?

You can expect our products to end up in your hands in two to three weeks time. My workflow consists of editing, designing products, ordering, receiving the product, quality checking and delivering to the team manager or organizer for distribution. When you make an order after the portrait session, these orders will be shipped directly to your door, but will also be subject to shipping charges. 

Where can I find my pictures?

Pictures will be posted AFTER all pre-ordered pictures have been delivered. Typically 2 weeks from picture day. 

Why can’t I view pictures before I buy?

Pre-pay prices and selection will be available for two business days after picture day. Images are NOT available for viewing during this time. All of our individual photos are 100% guaranteed. Approximately 2 weeks after picture day, images will be released to the website for late orders. Prepay prices and selection will not be available at that time.

Is a package purchase required to order A La Carte or Gift Items? 

You do not need to order a package prior to ordering “a la carte” or “gift” items. Although the packages offer considerable savings, you may just order single pictures.

My event was just 1 week ago but it says it is closed online? 

There is a period of time between when our pre-pay event closes and the late order event will open for a specific sport. Please check back about 2 weeks after picture day for any late orders.

Can I pay at picture day? 

Yes! We accept cash, debit or credit cards, and e-transfers. Sorry, checks will not be accepted.

I have more than one kid for pictures. Can I just pay all at once?

Yes! But they each MUST have their OWN order form. Online forms offer the ability to add additional subjects for this reason. If your children are being photographed with different teams on different days, please place two separate orders. It is possible that something will be overlooked if orders from separate shoots are combined.

What if I want extra retouching?

We can re-touch images for an additional cost.

Do I still have to fill out an order form on picture day if I order online? 

No. When you place an order online using the signup form, it also creates a space for your child in my photoshoot app that aids in identifying the athlete with their photos later. If you did not order online prior to photo day, you must fill out a paper order form on the day of the shoot.


Beaches Road Photography

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